Wooden Duck Decoys

Grooming Pintail Wooden Duck DecoyNo matter the occasion, Wooden Duck Decoys are the ideal gift for a water-fowler or outdoors-man.  Are you or is anyone in your life is a decoy collector?  These wooden duck decoys could be the source of a new and exhilarating hobby!

For a good introduction to collecting decoys, check out this getting started guide by T. Thompson Bosworth.  Bosworth recommends choosing quality over quantity when  embarking on the decoy gathering journey.  These duck decoys available at Black Forest Decor are excellent in “form, paint, and condition.”  Bosworth also gives some excellent tips on displaying decoys, such as ensuring they are placed against a light, neutral background.

The  Blue Winged Teal Duck, Wilderness Mallard Drake Duck, Grooming Pintail Wooden Duck, Wilderness Mallard Hen, and Canvas Back Wooden make an excellent foundation for or addition to your collection.  Each of the hand-carved decoys includes an authentic decoy weight attached via a weight cord.  Each decoy is hand-carved, as mentioned earlier, and hand-painted, so each duck is truly an original.  Also, your purchase ensures the livelihood of local artisans who have dedicated themselves to the craft of creating decoys.  These wooden duck decoys are an excellent choice for anyone interested in expanding the fishing decor of their rustic cabin.

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