Rocky Mountain Log Bunk Bed

Although we count ourselves blessed to be living out our dreams by living in a log cabin, sometimes our homes are not as large as we imagined they would be.  As families grow and expand, space quickly becomes a concern many never worried about when they originally built or moved in to their cabin.Rocky Mountain Log Bunk Bed

One space-saving solution many turn to is the addition of bunk beds as part of their bedroom decor.  You can still carry a rustic theme through your cabin’s decor and into the bedroom with the Rocky Mountain Log Bunk Bed.  The distressed finish and exposed bark on the solid oak logs truly bring the forest feel inside your home.  Part of the finishing touches to this piece of rustic furniture are the forest green oak tree carvings on both footboards.

Cabin-owners concerned with purchasing environmentally-friendly products will be excited to learn that this log bunk bed is constructed from dead lodge pole pine logs.  One of the benefits of this, besides not using live trees, is that the wood has dried out while standing in the forest.  This prolonged drying process eliminates shrinking, warping, and a myriad of other problems carpenters encounter when using real wood.  In the long run, the Rocky Mountain Log Bunk Bed will outlast generations of children because of the high quality of wood used.

Made to order, these beds come in two sizes: twin over twin or twin over full.  As mentioned, the bed is built by hand in the USA, and therefore takes anywhere between four to six weeks for delivery.  This heavy piece will not only require signature upon delivery, but some assistance to carry in and set up.  This beautiful piece of furniture will be a marvelous addition to your rustic cabin decor!

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