Moose & Cabin Wallpaper Border

Moose & Cabin Wallpaper Border

Moose & Cabin

Has the wallpaper in your rustic lodge seen better days?  Is the border torn, ripped, and battered?  Even if you do not have wallpaper as part of your cabin decor, your lodge will benefit from applying one of Black Forest Cabin Decor’s wildlife wallpapers and borders.

The Moose & Cabin Wallpaper and Border is perpetually a bestseller.  The border (also available in a lighter shade of green or rust color) has silhouettes in a deep forest green on a camel-colored background.  Set against a background of towering mountain peaks, a lone, stalwart moose roams the evergreen forest; Nestled amongst the fir trees is a cozy log cabin.  Bring this mood into your rustic decor.

Moose & Cabin Wallpaper Border

Pinecone Silhouette Wallpaper

To complement this Moose Border, consider the Pinecone Silhouette wallpaper. Tiny evergreen pine cones sprinkled across the camel-colored background tumble into your rustic cabin decor.  Another wallpaper selection that incorporates the same color scheme is the Green Plaid Wallpaper.

Moose & Cabin Wallpaper Border

Green Plaid

Both wallpapers are sold in double rolls (Bolt/2 Metric Single Rolls) that measure 20 1/2 wide by 33 feet long. The border includes a 5 yard spool and measures 5.125″H.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery and notice these do not ship express or to Alaska or Canada.


Monarch Security Light

Lodge or home security is an important concern most owners do not overlook.  Did you realize, however, that you do not have to sacrifice style when ensuring your lodge, cabin, or country home is safe and sound?  From the Security Lighting and Motion Detectors product line, the Monarch Security Light reigns supreme.Monarch Security Light

At 9 inches tall, this black, Solid Cast Aluminum Lantern shines bright light to startle away even the burliest of would-be burglars.  The impressive, looping ironwork on the wall-post is reminiscent of the early Victorian era with winding curves and captured panel .  One may not suspect much in the way of protection from such a luxury decor item, but these powerful rays are an important part of any cabin’s security system.

As with all of Aspen Lighting‘s Security Lighting products, the Monarch Security Light possesses motion detecting capabilities, a dusk until dawn operation setting, and a conventional lantern setting.  You choose whether to set this lantern to automatically switch off at dawn or to function as a typical lantern with manual shut off.

The Monarch Security Light is often purchased in sets of two or three – pairing two together on either side of a garage door to add style to the security component is a popular decor choice for many customers.  The third lantern can also be placed at the front of the lodge, perhaps by the entryway, to provide another layer of security.  More often, however, it is placed in the back of the home to enhance rear security.

This item is available in two finishes, Autumn Gold or Black, to complement your cabin decor.  Both finishes also have captured pattern seedy-glass panels to provide a less harsh glare when functioning as a regular light fixture.  For the most power, use a 100-watt bulb in this lantern (this is also the maximum wattage).  When ordering, also remember there is a 4-6 week delivery time.

The beauty and elegance of this security lantern make it the optimal choice for classy rustic and lodge decor.  Ensure your cabin’s protection and security both when you are at home and away with the Monarch Security Light.


Bear Meadows Painting Wall Hanging

Bear Meadows Painting Wall HangingWhen designing or redecorating your lodge’s interior, remember that wall hangings are one of the easiest ways to create a desired effect.  Available in two different sizes (2×3 or 3×5), this Bear Meadows Painting will hang from your walls, subtly commanding attention.  We recommend placing this artwork in an area of home where you want to draw attention: perhaps the landing of a stairwell or on a large wall with interesting architectural features.

This original, oil-on-canvas art piece depicts a friendly grizzly bear curiously wandering through an Alaskan meadow.  Staring at this art piece, one experiences the artist’s own emotions in the intense brush strokes that bring vivid life and detail to this animal.  Each painting is individually signed by the artist on the bottom right corner.

With soft browns and beiges against a green grass background speckled with yellow, this painting will look good set against any color wall.  The simple, dark brown metal topper is simple enough that it will not steal attention from the painting itself.  Two dark brown rods secure the painting so it will hang neatly against the wall.  To make hanging this Black Forest Decor exclusive easier, metal mounting hardware is included.

The 2×3 version measures 24″W x 36″H (painting), with a topper of 29″W x 3/4″D x 6″H.  If space allows, there is also a larger version that measures 36″W x 54″H, with a topper 42″W x 3/4″D x 8″H.  When ordering this artwork, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Also, this item will require a signature upon delivery.