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Pewter Medallion Barware

Just over a month ago, Everything Lodge Decor reviewed an Antler Wine Set, a necessary component of the rustic lodge bar.  Build upon the charm of that accessory kit and add a hint of classic elegance with the Pewter Medallion Barware collection. Each piece in the set features a detailed wildlife scene engraved in fine pewter medallions.  The [...]

Thursday September 2nd, 2010 in Wall Hangings | 3 Comments »

Birchwood Buck Tapestry Wall Hanging

Can you think of anything else that directs and defines the style of a room more than intentionally chosen tapestries?  If you’re looking at your rustic space and can’t quite place what is missing to solidify your decor theme, look no further.  The Birchwood Buck Tapestry Wall Hanging is the missing piece that will pull [...]

Wildlife Stainless Steel Water Bottles

As nature lovers, most of our subscribers are already aware of the damaging effects of bottled water on the environment caused by ever increasing consumption of bottled water in comparison with “dismally low recycling rates.”  Although some well-intentioned people suggest reusable plastic bottles, recent research points to the hazards caused by disintegrating plastic from the [...]

Tuesday August 10th, 2010 in Wall Hangings | 12 Comments »

Wrangler Cowboy Bedding

As part of your lodge’s western decor, ensure you are sleeping both in comfort and in style with the Wrangler Cowboy Bedding line.  Available in 4 sizes (twin, full, super queen, super king), this bedding will appeal to cowboys and gals everywhere.  Made of plush microfiber suede, cotton and faux leather, the western bedding also [...]

Wednesday July 14th, 2010 in Wall Hangings | 6 Comments »

Bear Meadows Painting Wall Hanging

When designing or redecorating your lodge’s interior, remember that wall hangings are one of the easiest ways to create a desired effect.  Available in two different sizes (2×3 or 3×5), this Bear Meadows Painting will hang from your walls, subtly commanding attention.  We recommend placing this artwork in an area of home where you want [...]