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Majestic Moose Urn

Urns are a multi-functional home decor item.  As a result of such versatility, urns can be used for many years, switching out the contents, and continually provide a fresh look to your rustic home.  Since urns can be used in so many different ways, it is always wise to invest in a high-quality piece that [...]

Antler Wine Set

Is your entire kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom decked out with moose decor, bear decor, and any other type of rustic decor you can think of?  You may have overlooked one area: your bar.  Whether you are just starting to furnish and decorate a cabin, sprucing up and accessorizing your rustic  decor, or looking [...]

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Moose & Cabin Wallpaper Border

Has the wallpaper in your rustic lodge seen better days?  Is the border torn, ripped, and battered?  Even if you do not have wallpaper as part of your cabin decor, your lodge will benefit from applying one of Black Forest Cabin Decor’s wildlife wallpapers and borders. The Moose & Cabin Wallpaper and Border is perpetually [...]