Birchwood Buck Tapestry Wall Hanging

Can you think of anything else that directs and defines the style of a room more than intentionally chosen tapestries?  If you’re looking at your rustic space and can’t quite place what is missing to solidify your decor theme, look no further.  The Birchwood Buck Tapestry Wall Hanging is the missing piece that will pull all the different elements together in your room.

Birchwood Buck Tapestry

Birchwood Buck Tapestry

Featuring a majestic buck freely roaming his woodland home in late autumn, this tapestry will gracefully adorn your wall.  Blending neutral colors, the artist has purposefully left the edges slightly blurred, as if looking through the lens of a narrowly focused camera to center upon the dignified stag.  Because of the neutral color scheme, this Lodge Tapestry can easily hang against nearly any color of wall or woodwork, and still remain the central focus of a room.  The elegance of the Birchwood Buck Tapestry Wall Hanging will ensure that your lodge oozes luxurious rustic style.

Made in the USA with jacquard looms and pure cotton yarn, the Birchwood Buck Tapestry Wall Hanging is fully backed to ensure longevity.  Also, this tapestry has a sewn rod pocket to assist you in hanging the artwork.  To keep the tapestry in mint condition, spot clean only.  In less than 2 weeks from ordering, you can breathe deep knowing you have at least completed your lodge’s rustic decor.

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