Bear Meadows Painting Wall Hanging

Bear Meadows Painting Wall HangingWhen designing or redecorating your lodge’s interior, remember that wall hangings are one of the easiest ways to create a desired effect.  Available in two different sizes (2×3 or 3×5), this Bear Meadows Painting will hang from your walls, subtly commanding attention.  We recommend placing this artwork in an area of home where you want to draw attention: perhaps the landing of a stairwell or on a large wall with interesting architectural features.

This original, oil-on-canvas art piece depicts a friendly grizzly bear curiously wandering through an Alaskan meadow.  Staring at this art piece, one experiences the artist’s own emotions in the intense brush strokes that bring vivid life and detail to this animal.  Each painting is individually signed by the artist on the bottom right corner.

With soft browns and beiges against a green grass background speckled with yellow, this painting will look good set against any color wall.  The simple, dark brown metal topper is simple enough that it will not steal attention from the painting itself.  Two dark brown rods secure the painting so it will hang neatly against the wall.  To make hanging this Black Forest Decor exclusive easier, metal mounting hardware is included.

The 2×3 version measures 24″W x 36″H (painting), with a topper of 29″W x 3/4″D x 6″H.  If space allows, there is also a larger version that measures 36″W x 54″H, with a topper 42″W x 3/4″D x 8″H.  When ordering this artwork, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Also, this item will require a signature upon delivery.

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