Rustic Retreat Decorating: Taos Bear Sofa Collection

Lodge Furniture: Taos Bear Furniture CollectionConcerned with turning your lodge’s living room into a true rustic retreat?  The Taos Bear Sofa Collection, a Black Forest Decor exclusive, may be exactly what you are looking for.  Red wine and dark chocolate, two hallmarks of an indulgent evening at a lodge retreat, provide the basic inspiration for this rustic furniture collection.

Luxurious chocolate wood trim is the foundation of each piece of furniture in this collection.  Lightly distressed, dark faux leather allows the deep wine-colored chenille to truly pop.  The plush sofa cushions, with flecks of caramel, inspired by chocolate candies, also contain glints of green and brown, revealing outdoor influences.  Besides these forest colors, the wood trim features exquisite, hand-carved pine cones.  Completing the color palette is an artistic rendition of a forest scene featuring Taos Bears.  Bordering the scene is Navajo print which is bordered in turn by a pine cone print.

Comfortably seating three, the Sofa features a gently arched back and hand-carved bun feet, as well as the hand-carved pine cones which adorn each piece in the collection.  Also accompanying the sofa are two 18″ welted wine-colored throw pillows with leather seams.  Roughly half the size of the Sofa, the Taos Bear Chair and a Half comes with a single contrast throw pillow.  To maintain aesthetically pleasing proportions in smaller spaces, consider using the Love Seat instead of the full Sofa.

Taos Bear RockerThe Taos Bear Rocker features a rich chocolate brown plush cushion, a welcome contrast to the chenille facing on the sofa and love seat cushions.  Another option in the collection is the large Storage Ottoman, which has a lift off top for concealing items such as magazines and blankets.

Finally, a true rustic lodge sees plenty of visitors coming through it’s doors.  Be prepared even for unexpected ones with the Queen Sleeper Sofa!

Mix and match these custom-made pieces to personalize your rustic lodge decor.  Each piece is made to order in the USA, so please allow 1-2 months for delivery.  For this purchase, a signature will be required.

Turn your living room into a welcome place for visitors to retreat, or for you to relax at the end of a long day or week with the Taos Bear Sofa Collection, a Black Forest Decor exclusive.


Call of the Wild Log Trunk

To make sure you get the most bang for your buck, choose products that are multi-functional.  The Call of the Wild Log Trunk does exactly that.  The possibilities are endless with this Log Trunk; use it as a unique coffee table in your living room, blanket or sweater storage at the foot of your bed, or even as a bench in your outdoor space.  What other ways would you use this in your log cabin?

Call of the Wild Log TrunkHowever you use this rustic trunk, you will want to make sure you keep it in sight, as it will certainly add a fine decorative element to your cabin.  Featuring the landscape art piece “Call of the Wild” by renowned 19th century artist Albert Bierstadt, the front of the box features a solitary, bugling bull elk on the edge of a crystalline mountain lake.  Pine trees surround the majestic animal, as mountains jut up overhead on the opposite side of the lake.  This piece of art will bring a sense of elegant serenity to your own mountain lodge.

Handmade in the USA, each piece is lovingly crafted and stained by hand with a warm finish.  Like many other offerings by Black Forest Decor, this eco friendly rustic cabin furniture is made from standing dead lodgepole pine logs.  Also included with each individual trunk is a short profile of the artist, Albert Bierstadt.

Measuring 40″W x 28″D x 23″H, this log trunk has plenty of room both for storage and seating.  Allow four to six weeks from the order date for delivery, and ensure someone is available to sign for the package.  This item does not ship express, nor does it ship to Alaska or Canada.


Pewter Medallion Barware

Wildlife DecanterJust over a month ago, Everything Lodge Decor reviewed an Antler Wine Set, a necessary component of the rustic lodge bar.  Build upon the charm of that accessory kit and add a hint of classic elegance with the Pewter Medallion Barware collection.

Each piece in the set features a detailed wildlife scene engraved in fine pewter medallions.  The decanters also feature a matching pewter accent on the stopper.  Mix and match between Elk, Black Bear, and Moose designs, or simply collect them all!  All three of the Wildlife Decanter hold 26 ounces of liquid, or there is the Capitol Wildlife Decanter, which is slightly larger in size, but holds 24 liquid ounces.

To complete the Pewter Medallion Barware set, pick up the Double Old Fashioned Glassware Set.  These 4 piece glass sets also have matching medallions that complement the Decanters.  Each glass holds 14 ounces of liquid.

A Black Forest Cabin Decor exclusive, the Pewter Medallion Barware collection is dishwasher-safe.  Within two weeks of ordering (unless you live in Alaska or Canada – sorry, no shipping there!), you can entertain guests in your rustic lodge with true rustic fashion!


Wooden Duck Decoys

Grooming Pintail Wooden Duck DecoyNo matter the occasion, Wooden Duck Decoys are the ideal gift for a water-fowler or outdoors-man.  Are you or is anyone in your life is a decoy collector?  These wooden duck decoys could be the source of a new and exhilarating hobby!

For a good introduction to collecting decoys, check out this getting started guide by T. Thompson Bosworth.  Bosworth recommends choosing quality over quantity when  embarking on the decoy gathering journey.  These duck decoys available at Black Forest Decor are excellent in “form, paint, and condition.”  Bosworth also gives some excellent tips on displaying decoys, such as ensuring they are placed against a light, neutral background.

The  Blue Winged Teal Duck, Wilderness Mallard Drake Duck, Grooming Pintail Wooden Duck, Wilderness Mallard Hen, and Canvas Back Wooden make an excellent foundation for or addition to your collection.  Each of the hand-carved decoys includes an authentic decoy weight attached via a weight cord.  Each decoy is hand-carved, as mentioned earlier, and hand-painted, so each duck is truly an original.  Also, your purchase ensures the livelihood of local artisans who have dedicated themselves to the craft of creating decoys.  These wooden duck decoys are an excellent choice for anyone interested in expanding the fishing decor of their rustic cabin.


Birchwood Buck Tapestry Wall Hanging

Can you think of anything else that directs and defines the style of a room more than intentionally chosen tapestries?  If you’re looking at your rustic space and can’t quite place what is missing to solidify your decor theme, look no further.  The Birchwood Buck Tapestry Wall Hanging is the missing piece that will pull all the different elements together in your room.

Birchwood Buck Tapestry

Birchwood Buck Tapestry

Featuring a majestic buck freely roaming his woodland home in late autumn, this tapestry will gracefully adorn your wall.  Blending neutral colors, the artist has purposefully left the edges slightly blurred, as if looking through the lens of a narrowly focused camera to center upon the dignified stag.  Because of the neutral color scheme, this Lodge Tapestry can easily hang against nearly any color of wall or woodwork, and still remain the central focus of a room.  The elegance of the Birchwood Buck Tapestry Wall Hanging will ensure that your lodge oozes luxurious rustic style.

Made in the USA with jacquard looms and pure cotton yarn, the Birchwood Buck Tapestry Wall Hanging is fully backed to ensure longevity.  Also, this tapestry has a sewn rod pocket to assist you in hanging the artwork.  To keep the tapestry in mint condition, spot clean only.  In less than 2 weeks from ordering, you can breathe deep knowing you have at least completed your lodge’s rustic decor.


Wildlife Stainless Steel Water Bottles

As nature lovers, most of our subscribers are already aware of the damaging effects of bottled water on the environment caused by ever increasing consumption of bottled water in comparison with “dismally low recycling rates.”  Although some well-intentioned people suggest reusable plastic bottles, recent research points to the hazards caused by disintegrating plastic from the bottle leaching into the water.  With a Wildlife Stainless Steel Water Bottle, not only will you save literally hundreds of dollars, protect the environment, and guard your health, but you will do so in style.
Wildlife Stainless Steel Water Bottles
Made of 100% non-leaching, food-grade stainless steel, the Wildlife Stainless Steel Water Bottle keeps cool 16 oz. of water (or your favorite beverage).   Each bottle features a gorgeous image of a wildlife animal: a North American Moose, a Gray Wolf, a Rainbow Trout, or a North American Black Bear.  In addition, each bottle includes an inspirational message and interesting facts about the animal written on the side.
To preserve the integrity of this Stainless Steel Water Bottle, the manufacturer recommends hand washing only.  Also, as it is stainless steel, the water bottle cannot be microwaved.
If you are interested in more lodge decor and gift items, including Moose, Bear, or Fishing Decor visit Black Forest Cabin Decor.

Majestic Moose Urn

Majestic Moose UrnUrns are a multi-functional home decor item.  As a result of such versatility, urns can be used for many years, switching out the contents, and continually provide a fresh look to your rustic home.  Since urns can be used in so many different ways, it is always wise to invest in a high-quality piece that will last as long as you want to use it.

Covered all over in an antique brown rust finish with flecks of black, the Majestic Moose Urn is an instant classic.  Closer inspection reveals the painstaking detail the artist poured into this piece.  The carved-style resin moose heads, with gently upward curving antlers, elegantly flank either side of the urn.

This Majestic Moose Urn, a Black Forest Decor exclusive, is popular not only for its quality but also for its rustic flair.  At 13 1/2″ W x 10″D x 14″H, this home furnishing is perfect for displaying in numerous ways.  Perhaps you could place it on a pillar or other sturdy table.  Whether full with decorative balls, reeds, flowers, even a plant, or empty in a more modern style, the Majestic Moose Urn will provide a lovely rustic decor accent to your home.

When ordering the Majestic Moose Urn, be prepared to wait 3-4 weeks for delivery.  Also, this item cannot express ship or ship to Alaska or Canada.

If you like the Majestic Moose Urn, consider browsing through some other moose gifts.  Be forewarned, however: these items are likely to simply become gifts to yourself, you’ll love them so much!


Antler Wine Set

Is your entire kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom decked out with moose decor, bear decor, and any other type of rustic decor you can think of?  You may have overlooked one area: your bar.  Whether you are just starting to furnish and decorate a cabin, sprucing up and accessorizing your rustic  decor, or looking for simple ways to incorporate a cabin decor theme into your home, it is always the minor details in interior decorating that truly contribute and define your theme.Antler Wine Set

Keeping this simple design truth in mind, instantly create a rustic theme within your home bar by utilizing the Antler Wine Set.  Including a bottle stopper, a cork screw, a bottle opener, and an antler stand, this unique bar accessory set  is sure to be a crowd favorite when entertaining in your home.   Created from authentic antlers (naturally-shed, of course), as well as stainless steel and nickel, this Black Forest Decor exclusive set is a cabin essential.

To ensure this item lasts for years to come, handle with care, as these are authentic antlers.  Also, wiping clean after each use will ensure that build-up does not occur.

Made in the USA, this bar accessory kit is delivered, on average, in 5 to 7 business days.  Upon request, express shipping via UPS is available on this item for an additional fee.  This will expedite shipping time to 3-4 business days.  This item can be shipped anywhere within the US and Canada.

Complete your cabin’s rustic decor with the Antler Wine Set, exclusively available at Black Forest Decor.


Rocky Mountain Log Bunk Bed

Although we count ourselves blessed to be living out our dreams by living in a log cabin, sometimes our homes are not as large as we imagined they would be.  As families grow and expand, space quickly becomes a concern many never worried about when they originally built or moved in to their cabin.Rocky Mountain Log Bunk Bed

One space-saving solution many turn to is the addition of bunk beds as part of their bedroom decor.  You can still carry a rustic theme through your cabin’s decor and into the bedroom with the Rocky Mountain Log Bunk Bed.  The distressed finish and exposed bark on the solid oak logs truly bring the forest feel inside your home.  Part of the finishing touches to this piece of rustic furniture are the forest green oak tree carvings on both footboards.

Cabin-owners concerned with purchasing environmentally-friendly products will be excited to learn that this log bunk bed is constructed from dead lodge pole pine logs.  One of the benefits of this, besides not using live trees, is that the wood has dried out while standing in the forest.  This prolonged drying process eliminates shrinking, warping, and a myriad of other problems carpenters encounter when using real wood.  In the long run, the Rocky Mountain Log Bunk Bed will outlast generations of children because of the high quality of wood used.

Made to order, these beds come in two sizes: twin over twin or twin over full.  As mentioned, the bed is built by hand in the USA, and therefore takes anywhere between four to six weeks for delivery.  This heavy piece will not only require signature upon delivery, but some assistance to carry in and set up.  This beautiful piece of furniture will be a marvelous addition to your rustic cabin decor!


Wrangler Cowboy Bedding

As part of your lodge’s western decor, ensure you are sleeping both in comfort and in style with the Wrangler Cowboy Bedding line.  Available in 4 sizes (twin, full, super queen, super king), this bedding will appeal to cowboys and gals everywhere.  Made of plush microfiber suede, cotton and faux leather, the western bedding also features several different patterns.  Artfully blending together plaid, paisley and denim, the designers also incorporated a touch of faux cowhide.  By utilizing these various prints, this bedding truly embodies the western spirit.

Wrangler Cowboy Bedding

Each fluffy western bedding set includes a comforter, a bedskirt, two 21″ x 27″ shams (twin has one sham, the super king set has two 21″ X 34″ king shams), an 18″ x 18″ star pillow and a 8″ x 21″ neckroll.  In the center of each comforter rides a chocolate cowboy, hanging on for dear life to his chocolate brown bronc.  Lining the border of this rustic red comforter are various western brands.  Does your ranch’s motif adorn this comforter?

The dark denim sham that accompanies this Lone Star Western Decor Bedding Set is tied in to the color of the comforter by the red cotton piping.  Of course, denim goes with everything, as any good cowboy knows!  A pale red paisley pattern covers a star pillow, fastened tight by a leather brown button right in the center.  This bandana-patterned pillow’s leather piping draws out the brown in the print, as well as coordinating with the brown leather embellishments on the comforter.  The bedskirt is a brown, cream, taupe and red plaid print that adds a bit of flair to the western vibe.  Finally, the neck roll completes the set.  Flanked on either side by the rustic red suede, this cylindrical pillow features a faux cowhide center.

The Wrangler Cowboy Bedding Set ships directly from the manufacturer and will arrive in 1-2 weeks.  This item will require a signature upon delivery, so please be aware of this.  At this time, the bedding set cannot be express shipped or sent to Alaska or Canada.

Perfect for the grown or growing cowboy in your life, this Wrangler Cowboy Bedding will have you well-rested and ready for the trails!